International Conference on Morphological Computation

International Conference on “Morphological Computation”took place in March 26-27-28, 2007. The conference was organized by Rolf Pfeifer, University of Zurich, Switzerland and Norman Packard, Protolife, Venice, and was held at Ca’Minich, Venice.

March 26-28, 2007 

European Center of Living Technology (ECLT), Venice Italy. 




0800: Breakfast 

 0830-0900: Registration 


Session 26-1: 

Session Chair: Norman Packard 

0900–0945: Invited Talk: Rolf Pfeifer 

Morphological Computation: Basic Concepts 

0945–1030: Invited Talk: Takashi Ikegami 

Autonomy and Dynamic Homeostasis 


1035-1115: Coffee Break 


Session 26-2: 

Session Chair: Mark Bedau 

1115–1200: Invited Talk: John Reif 

Autonomous Programmable Biomolecular Devices Using Self-Assembled DNA Nanostructures 

1200–1225: Preliminary Steps toward Artificial Protocell Computation 

Barry McMullin Ciaran Kelly Darragh O’Brien George G. Mitchell James Decraene 

1225–1250: Defining the Blob Primitives on Amorphous Computers 

Moıse Valvassori, Arab Ali Cherif 


1250-1400: Lunch Break 


Session 26-3: 

Session Chair: Fumiya Iida 

1400–1445: Invited Talk: Satoshi Murata 

Models of Self-Replication 

1445–1510: Organization of Information Flows in the Perception-Action Loop 

Daniel Polani 

1510–1535: Real-time Requirements and Restricted Resources: The Role of the 

Computing Substrate in Robots 

Soichiro Tsuda, Klaus-Peter Zauner, and Yukio-Pegio Gunji 


1535-1615: Coffee Break 




Session 26-4: 

Session Chair: John Reif 

1615–1700: Invited Talk: John McCaskill 

Evolving Self-Assembling Molecular Recognition Systems 


Mark Bedau and Norman Packard 


1830 - 1930: Reception&Panel;Discussion (Moderator: Rolf Pfeifer) 






0800: Breakfast 


Session 27-1: 

Session Chair: Rolf Pfeifer 

0900–0945: Invited Talk: Jun Tani 

Toward "Organic Compositionality": Dynamical Systems Accounts for Cognitive Behaviors 


0945–1030: Invited Talk: Eric Winfree 

In vitro synthetic biology: from self-assembly to biochemical circuits 


1030-1115: Coffee Break 


Session 27-2: 

Session Chair: Jun Tani 

1115–1200: Invited Talk: Akio Ishiguro 

A Modular Robot That Exhibits Amoeboid Locomotion, Self-assembly, and Self-repair 

1200–1225: Locomotion of a Tensegrity Robot via Dynamically Coupled Modules 

John Rieffel, Ryan James Stuk, Francisco J. Valero-Cuevas and Hod Lipson 

1225–1250: On Passive Adaptive Mechanism in Passive Dynamic Walking 

Koichi Osuka, Masastugu Iribe and Yasuhiro Sugimoto 


1250-1400: Lunch Break 


Session 27-3: 

Session Chair: Akio Ishiguro 

1400–1445: Invited Talk: Rob Shaw 

Geometrical constraints, leaky membranes, and the limits of logic 

1445–1510: Morphological Computation in Behavior Control 

Fumiya Iida 

1510–1535: A quantification of the morphological computations in perception systems 

Torbjörn Lundh 


1535-1615: Coffee Break 




Session 27-4: 

Session Chair: Rob Shaw 

1615–1700: Invited Talk: Thomas Knight 


1700–1800: Poster Session 


1830: Social Event 






0800: Breakfast 


Session 28-1: 

Session Chair: Takashi Ikegami 

0900–0945: Invited Talk: Rodney Douglas 

The Design of Self-Constructing and -Repairing Artificial Organismo


0945–1010: Evolving Self-Assembling Digital Circuitry: Towards Realistic Models 

Rudolf M. Füchslin, Thomas Maeke, and John S. McCaskill 

1010–1035: Membrane as an Interface in a Simple Metabolic Cell 

Keisuke Suzuki and Takashi Ikegami 


1035-1100: Coffee Break 


Session 28-2: 


1100–1230: Final Discussion 

Moderator: Norman Packard 


1230- Lunch 


Posters Presentations 



Tribolon - Water Floating Self-Assembling Units 

Shuhei Miyashita, Maik Hadorn and Peter Eggenberger Hotz 


A Formula for Network Energy that is Minimized from Random to Small-world 

Hideaki Suzuki 


Discovering a Running Locomotion Strategy through Body and Neural Dynamics 

Simon Bovet, Fumiya Iida 


Robotic Self-Assembly and Self-Repair 

Daniel J. Arbuckle, Aristides A. G. Requicha 


Embodiment, structural coupling and morphological computation: let us not stop 


Matěj Hoffmann 


Towards Crowd-Controlled Evolutionary Design and Lamarckian Evolution of 


Martin Schneider 


On the Information Metrics Of Controlled Dynamical Systems 

Fabio P. Bonsignorio 


Policy Selection Based on Robot’s Embodiment from Multiple Human Teachings 

 Masato Kotake, Daisuke Katagami, Katsumi Nitta 


Virtuality in neural dynamical systems 

 Francesco Donnarumma, Roberto Prevete, Giuseppe Trautteur 


A Functional Model of Development and Expression in an Artificial Organism 

 Alessandro Fontana 


Defining the Blob Primitives on Amorphous Computers 

 Moıse Valvassori, Arab Ali Cherif 


The Lagging Legs: Exploiting Body Dynamics to Steer a Quadrupedal Agent 

 Mike Rinderknecht, Jonas Ruesch and Maik Hadorn 


Experience in the Real World for Incremental Individual Recognition 

 Lijin Aryananda 


On the Robustness of Simple Speed Control for a Quadruped Robot 

 Alexander Schmitz, Gabriel Gomez, Fumiya Iida and Rolf Pfeifer

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