International Conference on Living Technology

European Centre for Living Technology

Aula Magna Ca’Dolfin, 25/26 May 2007

Organizers: K. Lindgren, S. Nolfi, N. Packard, I. Poli

International Conference on“Living Technology”was held on May 25-26, 2007. At this Conference we invited distinguished scientists in the area of Living Technology, in a large spectrum,ranging from Protocells /Synthetic Biology to Social Network and Communications and to Computation, Internet, and www. It was held at Aula Magna“Silvio Trentin”, UniversitàCa’Foscari of Venice.


The European Center of Living Technology (ECLT) will hold its first international conference on living technology. Living technology is broadly construed to be development of techniques, methods, and implementations that manifest essential qualities of life in a significant way. These qualities include self-maintainence, self-reproduction, self-repair,robustness, and evolvability that enables ongoing innovation. The ECLT includes a broad range of interdisciplinary scientific activity as examples of living technology, and the program of the current conference is designed to reflect this breadth. The ECLT believes that fundamental progress in understanding living systems, both natural and artificial, is needed to enable future engineering of complex systems that have the potential of life.


Friday 25th May 

 Aula Magna Ca’Dolfin 


9:00-9:30 Introduction 

N. Packard: Living Technology 

SESSION I:Protocells / Synthetic Biology 

Session Chair: F. KEPES 

9:30-10:15 S. Rasmussen 

Living technology based on self-replicating 


10:15-11:00 L. Luisi 

Chemical synthetic biology approaches to the 

biogenesis of macromolecules and early cells 

11:00-11:30 Coffee Break 

11:30-12:15 G. Von Kiedrowski 

Systems chemistry: from chemical self- 

replication to virus-shaped biomimetic artefacts 

12:15-13:00 J McCaskill 

Complementation Systems for Genetic Self- 


13:00-14:30 Lunch 


SESSION II:Computation, the internet, and 

the world wide web 

Session Chair: P. BOURGINE 

14:30- 15:15 S. Kirkpatrick 

Dynamical Geography of the Internet 

15:15- 16:00 O. Babaoglu 

Techniques for Decentralized, Self-Organizing 

and Robust Solutions in Dynamic Information 


16:00-16:30 Coffee Break 

16:30- 17:15 S. Nolfi 

Behaviour as a Complex Adaptive System: 

Insights from Evolutionary Robotics Experiments 

17:15- 18:00 C. Priami 

Computational Modeling in Biology 

18:15 Aperitivo at Ca’Minich 




Saturday 26th May 

 Aula Magna Ca’Dolfin 


SESSION III:Theoretical Perspectives 

Session Chair: R. BOZIO 

9:00-9:45  P. Hogeweg 

Evolutionary Information Accumulation: 

speciation, regulation and/or evolvability 

9:45-10:30 S. Jain 

Large scale biochemical networks and systems 


10:30-11:00 Coffee Break 

11:00-11:45 W. Fontana 

Rules rule: Modeling and analyzing 

combinatorially complex biological pathways 

11:45-12:30 M. Bedau 

The creative evolution of technology 

12:30-14:00 Lunch 


SESSION IV: Social networks and 


Session Chair: D. PUMAIN 

14:00- 14:45 D. Lane 

Darwinism and Sociocultural Change: From 

Population to Organization Thinking  

14:45-15:30 S. Van der Leeuw 

The role of cognition and communication in the 

emergence of social organization 

15:30-16:00 Coffee Break 

16:00-16:45 L. Steels 

Artificial Language Evolution with Humanoid 


16:45- 17:30 D. Parisi 

Communicating Artefacts 

17:30 Conference closing

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